We celebrate the pure joy of candy. We create unconventional, silly, and just plain weird candies that make life more fun. We believe candy should make you happy—whether you’re sharing or enjoying a simple moment to yourself. We make candy for the sake of candy.

Our Values

We’re kids at heart, and we feel truly excited when we dream up candy ideas. We know the importance of play—especially when it comes to candy.

Boring is boring. So everything we make is the opposite of boring—from color to flavor to name.

It’s important that our candy is up to snuff, up to FDA standards, and up to international audits. Because candy should be fun and safe.

Through candy, we want to inspire others to play, have fun, and to create lasting memories. Trading candies, amassing candies, discovering new candies to love—all the joys of life!


Claudia is the original sweet bandit, spending her childhood collecting and trading candy like — well — like a bandit! She was the number one taste tester for the candy company that her dad, Samy, aunt and uncle started over 20 years ago.

Samy has always been a kid at heart, he’s always sneaking a peak at nearby candy stores when he travels. Whether asleep or awake, Samy is always dreaming up wacky and wild candies that will bring smiles to sweet bandits everywhere.

Now father and daughter are teaming up to bring new, super sneaky candies that are out of this world. Whether it’s a lollipop you can save for later, or a powder that turns to gum, these sweet bandits want to bring you candy so fun it’s on the run!